We take pride in awesome Mobile App Development !

We are a team of tech-cockroaches from India. Born to learn and know how to survive. We are more active during night time, we start when world sleeps.

We are specialised in developing Mobile apps on iOS and Android. We help people with there ideas and make sure for them to accomplish success. Our whole team is passionate about anything mobile.

We are currently working on our products and also accepting client projects.

    Our Services

    "Our client's success is our success!"

    We provide solutions for your ideas and problems. Looking for someone who can deliver quality at par-excellence then, its right place for you. We are transparent in terms of working. You can even have an opinion from our clients in case of doubts.

    Mobile App Development

    One stop solution for all your Mobile App Development. A team of developers with strong experience in iOS and Android. We provide development services in native environment, because we don't compromise with quality.

    Social Media Management

    With the upcoming trend and evolution in technology. Social media is the one which depicts your reputation around the world. Having a product or business, its importamt to outsource this responsibility in proper hands. We have a team which can keep your social media profiles up to date.

    SEO/SEM services

    Our SEO services include market analysis, keyword building, on-page and off-page optimisation, link building, search marketing consultancy and analytics and reporting.

    Bulk SMS Marketing

    Are you done with your product apps Or websites. Now its time to market it well. We have bulk SMS packages through which you can share the word about your product to massess.

    Call Centers

    We are currently running processes in this domain since 4 years. We are open for any inbound/outbound genuine procesess available.

    App Store Optimisation

    We provide consultation related to app store optimisation of your mobile apps. We provide all the solutions related to app store optimisation. We have results of our strong research in this domain.

      Our Products

      "The marathon has just begun, its long way to go. Explore our baby dinosaurs in this section."
      Superhero Rescue

      Superhero Rescueclose

      Never-ending flying scene. Different missiles and rockets to attack. Gamecenter leaderboard to keep track of your best score coming soon It’s not a bird, not a plane – it’s the hero, Superhero. He is under attack, demons from dark ages want to kill superhero in order to conquer earth and make humans their slaves. Only Superhero can save humans from these demons. But, in this game he has to survive from various missiles and rockets. Every second that superhero is saved, humans get to live that much time. This never-ending superhero flyer game and has all that you need for as a die-hard superhero fan.

      Hot Pic Finder pro

      Hot Pic Finder proclose

      Explore best photos of your friends. Group them into a Collage. Gift them on their birthdays. Everyday millions of users upload dozens of photos on facebook to mark there presence on web and share stories. Many of those photos are liked by our family and friends. In a lifetime, we upload so many photos that its very hard to say which of those are the best photos of our lifetime.

      2 Tanks

      Get it on Google Play

      2 Tanksclose

      Take The Fuels To Keep Running, Avoid the bombs to survive. The war is On !!! ... Our tanks are under constant attack. We need to keep fighting and running to save lives. To keep up the run, take fuels. To be alive, avoid bombs. The challenge is to control 2 tanks at the same time.

      Dhichkiyaaon (Coming soon)

        Why work with us ?


        Speed-up development

        We make sure that dev-process is as smooth as possible. For this we have iterative and flexible processes. We have huge codebase which reduces the development time.


        User Experience Focused

        Good design and UX is the priority. We understand how crucial is design for the success of any product. We take design very seriously and advise all our clients. We make sure that your product looks really good.


        Easy to work with

        We make sure that client doesn't undergoes any hassles. For this, we have online tools using which client can easily communicate and share his experience and requirements while development.

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          Tell us what’s the next big thing, you want to get done. And we will help you in achieving it.